Audit and Assurance

Our belief that Audit and Assurance services are a ‘profit centre’ rather than a ‘cost centre’ is endorsed by our clients, the testimony of which lies in our decade’s long association with them. We believe that Audit and Assurance Services is essential tool available to the stakeholders, including management, to provide greater assurance of information and in-depth understanding of the affairs of the organization.

From the basic yet labor intensive field compliance audits to the more complex contractual compliance audits, we provide the necessary independent monitoring to determine whether or not your processes comply with stated rules, policies and procedures. We work with your internal audit department in a co-sourced environment. Our trained professionals can assist you in all traditional compliance auditing needs, including:

  • Field examinations
  • Inventory audits
  • Licensing audits
  • Cost recovery
  • Contract compliance
  • Regulatory compliance

We can support you in establishing an internal audit function from scratch or transform an existing, compliance-only audit program into a proactive, value-added audit function. Whether as a co-source provider or an entire outsource solution, our Operational Audit Services can help you in the following areas:

  • Audit plan development.
  • Operational audits of business entities and processes.
  • Financial reporting process audits.
  • Quality assurance reviews of existing audit programs.

We support your information systems management to understand the existing control environment, identify high-risk areas and test to ensure that adequate controls are in place and working. We provide the following services to help clients of all sizes effectively conduct IT assessments and audits:

  • IT Risk assessments.
  • Computer application audits.
  • Software licensing compliance audits.
  • Business continuity plan (BCP) or disaster recovery plan (DRP) audits.
  • IT general controls review.
  • Data security audits and System development participation.
  • Computer assisted audit techniques (CAATs).

Our Risk/Control Assessment Services benefit your organization by identifying risks, facilitating risk mitigation exercises and implementing risk-reducing best-practice controls. Working with your existing internal audit function or as an independent consultant to your management team, we can perform the following risk and control services:

  • Enterprise risk assessments.
  • Entity risk assessments.
  • Process assessment/analysis.
  • Control self assessments.
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